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Most vacations involve rest and relaxation, but yoga retreats take the concept of a vacation to a whole new level.  Attending a Mokshantii yoga retreat opens up the gateway for a truly transformative experience. 

At Erica’s retreats, you’ll take your practice to the next level and have space in your day to partake in excursions and activities; explore town, rest, read, swim, surf, tan, whatever. You’ll detox your life with yoga twice daily, organic fresh meals, time in nature, and most likely some of the best zzz’s you’ve had in years. You’ll have limited access to electronics which may seem scary at first, but you may not even want to check your phone because you’re either so zen or your new yoga friends are much more interesting than your social media feed.

Stay at the best kept secret – yoga retreat space in Upstate New York. Enter a magical, meditative and mustn’t miss 3 story cabin nestled in an airy wood with lakeside view perfect for sunning, SUP-ing and swimming. Enjoy yoga, hiking, excursions, massage sessions, sauna, and like-minded community. Breathtaking views and some healthy meals included. Click tab below for sample itinerary.

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Ko Samui


Retreat to a magical land where the beaches are beautiful and the people live happy and free. Ko Samui.