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Hands on Assist Module


Attending a hands on assists training offers you an opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge that can enhance your abilities as a teacher, health and healing professional or lay person.

  • You’ll increase your understanding of human anatomy
  • Develop your touch
  • Improve verbal instructions

Open to all. Yoga teachers get 25hrs of CE credits.

Link to register: https://www.blackswanyoga.com/teacher-training

For questions, email Erica at erica@blackswanyoga.com

Hear from our customers

“My name is Molly McWitz and I took part in the Black Swan 25hr Meditation and Pranyama Module. I had the absolute best experience and would absolutely recommend this to anyone interested in the 300hr training or solely for personal growth and understanding. For me, this was a wonderful space to sit still in meditation for much longer than I ever have at one time. I loved the communal experience, it created a powerful energy throughout the weekend and I left feeling strong, whole, connected and oh so very happy! Erica was an incredible teacher and guide. I feel I now have a better understanding of how this practice affects the body and brain and the space around myself. I really enjoyed learning and practicing many different meditations and pranayama methods and how to sequence them into a practice. From sitting still in mindful breathing to dynamic dancing, it was a weekend worth smiling about! What a wonderful experience!”

Molly M

Yoga Teacher


Sunday Donation- Based Online Vinyasa
Mixed Level 10am-10:45a EST

Free Mini Yoga Warm up

I’ve been practicing with Erica approximately 2 years.
Erica has a unique way of connecting with everyone individually, even in a large class.  Her calm demeanor and inclusive approach made me feel comfortable immediately when I was a beginner yogi.  As I progressed in my practice, I listened closely to her clear descriptions on how to best do a pose and I continued to evolve in a positive manner.  Erica is a wonderful instructor who creates an incredibly welcoming environment. With that being said, she introduced me to something I like best – a challenging practice that is not predictable.  I like to be challenged and I also don’t like to do the same routine over and over. Erica is constantly adapting and refining, and this leads to a class that I really look forward to consistently attending.

Evan G.

 I have been practicing with Erica for close to 4 years! My name is Sam and I’m a court clerk and yoga instructor. When I see Erica’s name on the schedules by me I want to drop what I’m doing and make time to go to her classes.  Even after moving further away I try and make time to try and take her classes. She’s an inspiration and makes me want to be a better yoga teacher as well as a student. Her classes have helped me through some difficult times my life. During that time I decided to go on her Costa Rica retreat and as I’m writing this it was the best experience of my life! If anyone wants to just get away or do yoga or do both Erica is your girl! This trip changed my life! Meeting Erica and taking her classes has changed my life! 
I would recommend her programs to everyone. If you want to dive deep into your yoga practice and  emotions Ericas classes are the way to go! With her beautiful voice and how she instructs, you will feel like you’re on a cloud by the end of class. 

Samantha M.