Most vacations involve rest and relaxation, but yoga retreats take the concept of a vacation to a whole new level.  Attending a Moksha Yoga Retreat opens up the gateway for a truly transformative experience. 

At Erica’s retreats, you’ll take your practice to the next level and have space in your day to partake in excursions and activities; explore town, rest, read, swim, surf, tan, whatever. You’ll detox your life with yoga twice daily, organic fresh meals, time in nature, and most likely some of the best zzz’s you’ve had in years. You’ll have limited access to electronics which may seem scary at first, but you may not even want to check your phone because you’re either so zen or your new yoga friends are much more interesting than your social media feed.

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Costa Rica, May 27-June 3, 2023

Retreat to a magical land where the beaches are beautiful and your soul can feel free.

screen-shot-2023-01-30-at-11.00.14-amA testimonial from Arielle:

“I have been practicing yoga with Erica for many years now. When I’m in her class, I feel like I can do anything. She is warm and encouraging with just a little bit of spice, which makes her style something I naturally gravitated to and is why I continue to practice with her. Any time she can see me struggling in class, a gentle nod of the head or assist instantly frees my monkey mind. Her voice is easeful and calm, but her personality always comes through. From the Hamptons to Mexico, I have traveled to her yoga retreats. At these yoga retreats I have found deeper versions of my practice and myself. Erica has built a loving and supportive community of yogis, and I am grateful to be a part of it.”



Rates & Accommodation

Rooms are very limited on this retreat, so we encourage signing up early to reserve you preferred accommodation. We are happy to offer double & triple occupancy on some of the rooms!

  1. Casita: This unit consists of two bedrooms. One bedroom has a Queen bed, the other has a twin. There is one bathroom, kitchenette, living area, air conditioning, wifi and outdoor patio. Accommodates up to 3 guests. Triple Occupancy @ $2518 pp* / Double Occupancy @3036 pp*
  2. Jungle Double: Includes two queen beds, luxurious bathroom, air conditioning, wifi, open air rainfall shower and patio. Accommodates up to 4 guests. Double Occupancy @ $2621 pp * Quad Occupancy @ $1811 pp* (these rooms are great for 2 single guests, 2 friends who want to share a bed, perhaps two couples or a group of friends)
  3. King Bungalow: Includes one king bed, luxurious bathroom, open air shower, air conditioning, wifi and a balcony. Accommodates up to 2 guests. Single Occupancy @ $3720 / Double Occupancy $2205 pp *
  4. Bungalow Deluxe: Includes one king bed, luxurious bathroom, open air shower, air conditioning, wifi and a large balcony with living area. Accommodates up to 2 guests. Single Occupancy @ $4646 / Double $2673 pp *
  5. Ganesh: Ganesh Villa is our newest and most luxurious accommodation. It includes a king size bed, walk-in closet, en suite bathroom with a double rain shower, full kitchen, mini bar, outdoor lounge and a private pool. Accommodates up to 2 guests max. Single Occupancy @ $6833 / Double Occupancy $3916 pp *
Not included in rates: Cost of transportation to/from Costa Rica and travel insurance.
Included in rates: Airport transfer to/from the resort when arriving and departing on the same day the retreat begins and ends and taking transport as a group.


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A testimonial from Ray:

“I came from a fitness background but hadn’t worked out in a while because I injured myself. I was itching for a way to get back into it. A friend and my doctor recommended Erica. At first I wasn’t interested because I always thought yoga was dumb and I was never that flexible anyway but I went to Erica’s class and was wowed! I signed up for her retreat that day and I’m so happy I did. I felt more energetic, powerful and peaceful than I had in a long time! Do not hesitate to sign up! Trust me, it’s worth it! 

Who is welcome on this Retreat?

  • Beginners Welcome
  • Ages 21-101 welcome (teens may attend with parental supervision or legal guardian)
  • Spouses or Partners of Yogis (who just want to vacation) welcome
  • Yogis and yoginis who want a transformational and powerful experience
  • Anyone who wants a week in paradise to nurture themselves



A non-refundable deposit of $500 per person is required to reserve a room which must be paid credit card,Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 11.10.23 AM Zelle or PayPal upon registration and any remaining balance paid by April 10th 2023. There is also the option to pay in full upon registration by cash or check (if you are local to the studio and can come in to pay ASAP) or by credit card if you prefer (or are remote). Rooms are not fully secured until paid in full. Rooms that not paid in full by April 10th will be released to a waiting list and alternative accommodation options for the original reservations are not guaranteed. To sign up for this retreat, please register here and fill this form out and specify your name, your guest’s name (if any), which room you would like to book and which bed in the room (if applicable). The airport to arrive and depart from is the San Jose Airport

Very Important: If you plan on sharing a room, please designate one person to initially register for the retreat using the above form. If you plan to reserve a room with a deposit only initially, the deposit for each occupant of the room must be paid up-front by this person (eg. $500 for one person, $2000 for 4 occupants). We will thereafter collect the balance from each occupant separately over the next 10 days. If you prefer to pay in full immediately upon registration, you can just pay for yourself (or more members) and we will collect the balance from each member of your group.

Cancellation Policy

I understand that if I wish to cancel my participation on this retreat that I must email with my cancellation plans. I understand that if I cancel before April 10th, 2023, I will receive a refund of any monies paid less a $500 non-refundable reservation deposit. I understand that I will not receive any refund if I cancel after April 10th, 2023 for any reason whatsoever.

Travel Insurance Requirement

I understand that Erica Arce reserves the right to cancel this retreat at any time due to natural disasters, global pandemics, global travel restrictions, world or political events, or for any reason whatsoever at their sole discretion. I understand that it is a requirement that I purchase my own comprehensive travel insurance to cover any eventualities that may lead to trip cancellations by either Erica Arce, Bodhi or myself for global emergencies, natural disasters, any personal reasons relating to illness, deaths, family emergencies or business matters, or for any other reasons whatsoever. The airport to arrive and depart from is the San Jose Airport


Please contact with any questions relating to this retreat.