This workshop is for you if you want to make sweeping changes in your life for the better.

Yogi or yoga teacher, if you ever find yourself spinning too many plates at once and feel overwhelmed, if you have had a huge shift in your life that has left you with lots of questions or if you have dreams or goals you want to fulfill, but want help putting the pieces into play, then invest in 2hrs to set powerful and positive changes into motion.

In this workshop, you will:

· Tap into your potential for growth, healing and removal of obstacles through yoga and creative inquiry.
· Practice movement meditation (asana) with key affirmations and ancient healing techniques chosen
to align you physically, energetically, emotionally & mentally.
· Visualize, meditate on and design an actionable map for as many as 4 key areas of your life.
· Connect with a community of like-minded people who will (post-workshop) act as accountability partners as you work to align, balance and clarify your life.

live music by Kersten Stevens

Inquire at: $45.00 pre-reg & $50.00 day of


 All You Need is Love. -The Beatles

All You Need is Love. -The Beatles



NEW 2019 DATES COMING SOON. STAY TUNED. Pure Bliss Yoga, Fort Lee, NJ

Join Erica & Jay for a romantic and playful all levels practice which is designed to connect you to yourself and your beloved in a unique and open-hearted way. Erica & Jay will lead you through gentle warm ups and slowly guide you to more dynamic movement which will deepen your connection to your partner. Don’t miss this event which is sold out year after year. No yoga experience required.


  • Connect deeply to yourself and your partner

  • Laughter and Fun

  • A new way to communicate with each other

Pre-registration: $30.00 per person

Week of: $35.00 per person