Meditation & Pranayam training

Is now available as a 10 hour or 25 hour self-paced recorded training. see below for details. This service is for teachers and non-teachers alike.

see dates and details below

25hr Meditation & pranayam training

Dates: self-guided, ongoing

Details: virtual classroom

This service is part of moksha Vinyasa online’s 300hr training and is y.a. eligible. You must hold a 200hr certification to attend.

What you’ll learn:

-advanced breathing techniques
-meditation methodology
-science of meditation & breathing
-how to guide experiences
-deepen your existing practice
-confident teaching skills

Early bird special $195.00

paper manual is optional and delivery fees apply

10hr meditation & pranayam training

Dates: self-guided & ongoing

details: virtual classroom

What you’ll learn:

-introduction to breathing techniques
-introduction to meditation methodology
-science of meditation & breathing
-create a consistent practice

This service is for practitioners who want to deepen their practice and knowledge. no 200hr training required to sign up.



Moksha Vinyasa Helped me learn how to utilize yoga both on and off the mat. TT was the best gift I’ve ever given myself. Even though I have not yet pursued teaching, it was truly a life changing experience; very therapeutic in many ways.  It tapped into hardships and feelings that I had buried deep down and showed me how to embrace them and grow. I learned so much about myself and how to perceive the world. It was both challenging and enlightening. I highly recommend.

-Staci Hecht

Erica and Jay are excellent mentors/teachers that truly care and are very support. They guide you on this wonderful journey that teaches you about life. The entire experience was priceless. TT will help you to improve both your physical and mental practice. I will carry the lessons I learned with me for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful to both of them for making this experience so special.

— Jane cohart